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Tin Hat Designs
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
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    Victoria British Columbia, Canada
    v9c 2y8
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    Hi there and thank you for stopping by..

    Tin Hat Designs started as a way to bring happiness to families and friends. My family is my biggest supporters and encouraged me to sell to the public.. So with a leap of faith, I took that jump and have been enjoying it ever since. As this business started growing, I had the help of my children (much to their grumpiness - they don't like sanding wood very much!! :) ) This has very much become a family business, from cutting wood, to helping set up fairs everyone plays are part in helping me make this a success. I am ever so grateful for the love and support of my family... Without them, I wouldn't be able to do this business I love so much...

    These signs were all made with the intent to bring happiness and wonderful memories to customers that put them in their home. I love creating custom signs for customers that speak directly to their hearts.. For this is exactly what I meant for these signs.

    I use new and reclaimed wood... I mix it up and make it interesting for the eye to look at... I have a regular line of signs for anyone to choose from... I love it when customers come to me to custom design one (or two, three, or more :) ) for their homes... I love taking their thoughts and painting them on wood... A piece of art that will remain in the family for many, many years to come.

    If there is a favorite quote / saying that has a special meaning to you or to your family let me know and we can create something amazing for your home!!!
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